June 28, 2023 View:481 Author: SpacemiT

Mr. Baoqiu Cui, The Former Vice President of Xiaomi, Served As the Chief Technical Advisor of SpacemiT

Recently, China’s leading RISC-V high-performance computing chip company, SpacemiT, is honored to announce that Mr. Baoqiu Cui has been appointed as the company’s Chief Technical Advisor.

进迭时空首席技术顾问 崔宝秋

Mr. Baoqiu Cui will provide comprehensive guidance and suggestions for SpacemiT’s technical strategic planning and operation management. Regarding the invitation of Mr. Baoqiu Cui as the company’s Chief Technical Advisor, the founder and CEO Chen Zhijian said: “The development of an enterprise is just like the name of our company, the most important thing is iteration, innovation, and advancing with the times. The achievements we have obtained are only the first step. To become a world-class RISC-V computing power chip company, the company must have a global vision, a long-term vision, and gather the best talents in the world. Therefore, we invite Mr. Baoqiu Cui with the greatest sincerity to join us and lead SpacemiT to a higher level.”

Mr. Baoqiu Cui is a well-respected expert in AI and cloud computing in the industry. He graduated from the Computer Science Department of Wuhan University with a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Mr. Cui served as the vice president of Xiaomi Group and the chairman of the group’s technical committee, and comprehensively promoted Xiaomi’s technical route in the field of cloud computing, big data, and AI. Before joining Xiaomi, he worked at IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory, Yahoo, and LinkedIn, engaged in technology R&D and management in the fields of databases, search engines, machine learning, big data, and social networks. These rich experiences make him an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and he is widely respected by his peers in the industry. At the same time, Mr. Cui is a well-known open-source leader in China and has been committed to promoting the development of open-source culture. He fully advocates open-source culture in Xiaomi Group, encourages developers to share and cooperate, and promotes technological innovation and progress.

RISC-V is a global open-source instruction architecture, which coincides with the open-source concept that he is committed to advocating. We believe that the joining and guidance of Mr. Cui will greatly enhance the forward-looking technology layout of SpacemiT and enhance the company’s global thinking.

Mr. Cui Baoqiu expressed his appreciation and support for start-up companies like SpacemiT. He said: “What attracts me the most is the passion, courage, and pattern of the founding team, as well as the perseverance to pursue long-term goals. When I met the founder Dr. Chen Zhijian, the RISC-V ecosystem development was not as hot as it is now. One year has passed, and the company has developed rapidly, far exceeding my expectations. I am very happy to have the opportunity to join SpacemiT, and I am willing to share my technical and management experience accumulated over the past few decades to help the company in the RISC-V field to achieve more stable and long-term development, and further promote the ecosystem industrialization process of RISC-V.”

The joining of Mr. Cui will inject valuable professional knowledge and strategic guidance into SpacemiT, which will help the company better cope with the challenges of the industry and achieve its ambitious goals. His support and contribution will further promote the development of SpacemiT in the field of RISC-V and promote the prosperity of the entire RISC-V ecosystem.