August 29, 2022 View:288 Author: SpacemiT

SpacemiT joins Linux and seL4 to help develop RISC-V software systems

August 29, 2022, Hangzhou, China — SpacemiT, a semiconductor innovation company focusing on high-performance RISC-V architecture chips, today announced that it has officially joined the Linux Foundation and the seL4 Foundation. This is another milestone for the company, coming hot on the heels after SpacemiT recently joined the global industry body RISC-V International.

Since its establishment in 2021, SpacemiT has rapidly developed RISC-V processor chips and software systems, demonstrating the company’s confidence and determination to vigorously pursue RISC-V-based software and hardware full-stack technology solutions. With a central focus on chip design and development, SpacemiT also creates RISC-V software systems and its accompanying application ecosystem.

Based on Linux, SpacemiT builds the operating system and SDK of the RISC-V architecture chip, providing a powerful all-in-one environment for RISC-V application developers to improve the efficiency of the RISC-V ecosystem.

SpacemiT will now deepen its technical cooperation with Linux and its partners and will enhance Linux’s support for RISC-V hardware. This will help ensure a rapid roll-out of the RISC-V ecosystem.

The seL4 microkernel is the world’s first secure operating system microkernel certified by formal verification. Its reliability running on RISC-V processors remains unique. It is also an open-source, free-to-use performance benchmark and is fully supported by the seL4 Foundation.

SpacemiT will work closely with seL4 to promote RISC-V+seL4 and will also focus on the security and performance of the operating system, thus assuring confidence in the security of the RISC-V architecture.

“The development of the RISC-V ecosystem is inseparable from the support of software systems,” said Dr. Chen Zhijian, founder and CEO of SpacemiT. He added: ”SpacemiT has assembled a group of hardware and software development teams that have been deeply engaged in RISC-V for several years, both in China and around the world. We are committed to serving RISC-V developers and will raise RISC-V technology to new heights.”

About SpacemiT

SpacemiT is a semiconductor innovation company focusing on the development of next-generation RISC-V chips with simpler architecture, more powerful computing capability and better performance. Headquartered in Hangzhou, with offices in Zhuhai, Shanghai and Beijing, SpacemiT believes in an entrepreneurial spirit, the pursuit of excellence, and a culture of inspiration and constant invention. SpacemiT is committed to building the next computing era with native integration of Cloud-Edge Device Architecture.