August 26, 2022 View:240 Author: SpacemiT

SpacemiT joins RISC-V International to build the next computing era with even greater computing power

August 26, 2022, Hangzhou, China — SpacemiT, a semiconductor innovation company focusing on RISC-V architecture chips, announced today that it has officially become a Strategic Member of the open-source instruction set architecture known as RISC-V International.

Since it launched in 2021, SpacemiT has actively engaged with RISC-V International, but today’s announcement marks the company’s official recognition by the industry authority.

RISC-V is an open-source instruction set released by Berkeley University in 2010. Its simple and modular design method supports various forms of instruction extensions, from ultra-low power consumption embedded processors to high-performance handheld and desktop processors.

Established in 2015, RISC-V International has not only made great progress in formulating technical standards and software ecology, it has also scaled applications in the IoT space. RISC-V has begun to expand into a variety of application fields including PCs, mobile phones, intelligent robots and extended reality (XR).

SpacemiT is committed to providing high-performance RISC-V computing chips and computing systems that will continuously improving the performance of the RISC-V system and expand application scenarios. The company will apply the RISC-V architecture to Session Border Controllers (SBCs), developer computers, intelligent robots and other broader application scenarios.  

According to Dr. Zhijian Chen, founder and CEO of SpacemiT, “By bringing RISC-V chips and computing systems within easy reach, we will help empower global developers to create new applications and new categories based on RISC-V chips. In this way, the RISC-V architecture will become the leading computing architecture for the next 50 years.”

About SpacemiT

SpacemiT is a semiconductor innovation company focusing on the development of next-generation RISC-V chips with simpler architecture, more powerful computing capability and better performance. Headquartered in Hangzhou, with offices in Zhuhai, Shanghai, and Beijing, SpacemiT believes in an entrepreneurial spirit, the pursuit of excellence, and a culture of inspiration and constant invention. SpacemiT is committed to building the next computing era with native integration of Cloud-Edge Device Architecture.